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Recommendation for two company’s


I recently had some work done on my house and I would like to give a shout out to the paving contractor and the concrete repairers. They did a great job I thank them dearly.

Sydney Paving Company


Sydney Concrete Repairs




Codeproject’s of the month

My two cool code project article of the month

Some great code that helped me on a clients project. Love it.

This c# FTP library is a solution I had to come up with for a client, it supports both Passive FTP and Active FTP.  It does this by using an interface abstraction. So it enables you to use either Active FTP or Passive FTP without changing any code. The files included in the project are:

Great intro article for powershell

For years UNIX/Linux administrators have looked down on the windows environment,one of the main reasons being that windows did not have a nice CLI. UNIX has always had sh, bash, ksh which are great shells. Microsoft has now introduced Windows PowerShell (Codename MONAD) a very powerful .NET based shell. A shell is a great tool for system administrators to automate tasks.PowerShell has all the same features as the current UNIX shells like.