Phones are no longer meant only for communication since they now have a whole range of interesting features that provide entertainment and education as well. There are plenty of interesting jQuery mobile plugins that are optimized for use on the latest smart phones that are becoming increasingly popular with customers all over the world. These plugins are designed to permit you to perform a whole range of features so that you can create a mobile webpage within a few minutes and without putting in too much effort. They are all very useful but 3 of them attract attention in particular.

  1. jQTouch: This is a popular plugin for mobile web development. It has been optimized for the iPhone and iTouch and other smart phones and provides an immersive experience. It offers 8 core page animations as well as support for custom extensions. It also has a ‘fast touch’ feature that can dramatically speed up responsiveness.
  1. jQuery Touchwipe: This awesome plugin helps you create amazing looking image galleries for your mobile websites. You can use it to create a wipe event on an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch in order to scroll through an image gallery. Designers like this plugin because it is reasonably light at 1kb.
  1. jQuery Mobile Drag and Drop: Unlike other drag and drop plugins, this one works on normal desktop browsers as well as on mobile devices since it provides excellent scrolling functionality. It is very versatile and easy to use and is only quite lightweight.

These are just some of the examples of jQuery mobile plugins that are getting website designers excited. Given the popularity of smart phones it is only to be expected that software developers will focus on this area and come up with even more interesting jQuery plugins for mobile websites.



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