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6 Amazing Mobile Websites

Mobile websites need to be easy to load and browse through if they are to be popular with users. They need to pack in lots of features while still having navigation buttons that are large enough to be used easily. Designers are spending a great deal of effort on creating great websites for mobile phones and the results are truly spectacular. 6 of the best mobile websites are listed below.

  1. Facebook has a fantastic website for mobile phones that is as easy to use as the one for a desktop. The designers have done a great job to make the Facebook experience a great one.
  2. Google has ensured that its mobile website is easy to use, making it an invaluable one to have on a phone. The fact that it can be personalized adds to its immense attraction.
  3. The Sundance Film Festival that is an annual event in Utah has a very attractive website that is filled with information and entertainment. It has lots of videos and also has a very good search facility.
  4. Subaru has created a website for mobile phones that is very popular with current and potential owners of this vehicle. It has great tools that provide a variety of assistance to users. It is also very easy to navigate.
  5. The website for Dominos Pizza is as eye-catching as it is useful. The design of this website is simplicity itself and it serves the purpose of the company very well.
  6. The mobile website for Twitter does have some drawbacks but it is still very popular with people who cannot bear to spend too much time away from it.

It is interesting to note that the best mobile websites today are those of large corporations, possibly because they have the resources to spend. However, smaller companies are catching up quickly.