I recently had some work done on my house and I would like to give a shout out to the paving contractor and the concrete repairers. They did a great job I thank them dearly.

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My two cool code project article of the month

Some great code that helped me on a clients project. Love it.


This c# FTP library is a solution I had to come up with for a client, it supports both Passive FTP and Active FTP.  It does this by using an interface abstraction. So it enables you to use either Active FTP or Passive FTP without changing any code. The files included in the project are:

Great intro article for powershell


For years UNIX/Linux administrators have looked down on the windows environment,one of the main reasons being that windows did not have a nice CLI. UNIX has always had sh, bash, ksh which are great shells. Microsoft has now introduced Windows PowerShell (Codename MONAD) a very powerful .NET based shell. A shell is a great tool for system administrators to automate tasks.PowerShell has all the same features as the current UNIX shells like.

Phones are no longer meant only for communication since they now have a whole range of interesting features that provide entertainment and education as well. There are plenty of interesting jQuery mobile plugins that are optimized for use on the latest smart phones that are becoming increasingly popular with customers all over the world. These plugins are designed to permit you to perform a whole range of features so that you can create a mobile webpage within a few minutes and without putting in too much effort. They are all very useful but 3 of them attract attention in particular.

  1. jQTouch: This is a popular plugin for mobile web development. It has been optimized for the iPhone and iTouch and other smart phones and provides an immersive experience. It offers 8 core page animations as well as support for custom extensions. It also has a ‘fast touch’ feature that can dramatically speed up responsiveness.
  1. jQuery Touchwipe: This awesome plugin helps you create amazing looking image galleries for your mobile websites. You can use it to create a wipe event on an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch in order to scroll through an image gallery. Designers like this plugin because it is reasonably light at 1kb.
  1. jQuery Mobile Drag and Drop: Unlike other drag and drop plugins, this one works on normal desktop browsers as well as on mobile devices since it provides excellent scrolling functionality. It is very versatile and easy to use and is only quite lightweight.

These are just some of the examples of jQuery mobile plugins that are getting website designers excited. Given the popularity of smart phones it is only to be expected that software developers will focus on this area and come up with even more interesting jQuery plugins for mobile websites.


Mobile websites need to be easy to load and browse through if they are to be popular with users. They need to pack in lots of features while still having navigation buttons that are large enough to be used easily. Designers are spending a great deal of effort on creating great websites for mobile phones and the results are truly spectacular. 6 of the best mobile websites are listed below.

  1. Facebook has a fantastic website for mobile phones that is as easy to use as the one for a desktop. The designers have done a great job to make the Facebook experience a great one.
  2. Google has ensured that its mobile website is easy to use, making it an invaluable one to have on a phone. The fact that it can be personalized adds to its immense attraction.
  3. The Sundance Film Festival that is an annual event in Utah has a very attractive website that is filled with information and entertainment. It has lots of videos and also has a very good search facility.
  4. Subaru has created a website for mobile phones that is very popular with current and potential owners of this vehicle. It has great tools that provide a variety of assistance to users. It is also very easy to navigate.
  5. The website for Dominos Pizza is as eye-catching as it is useful. The design of this website is simplicity itself and it serves the purpose of the company very well.
  6. The mobile website for Twitter does have some drawbacks but it is still very popular with people who cannot bear to spend too much time away from it.

It is interesting to note that the best mobile websites today are those of large corporations, possibly because they have the resources to spend. However, smaller companies are catching up quickly.